Introduction: Witch Doctor Costume - in 4 Steps

to begin with let me say sorry english is not my first language and i lost some photos when i dropped my phone in water

now that that's said here's a list of things you'll need to get started
(and i highly recoment too order what you will need, well advarnce since some of the items are from china

  • white and black facepaint
  • a leather treachcoat (i got mine used too keep budget down)
  • some black goth'ish pants,
  • a top hat
  • red yarn
  • a purple waiscoat
  • 4-5 resin cat skulls
  • 2 dream cathers
  • some biker jewelry, something rings and bracelets with skulls on them
  • a plastic skull
  • a white'ish shirt
  • white contact lenses
  • Pheasant feathers

all of witch can be bought on ebay, amazon or used

Step 1: The Hat.

what you'll need

  1. start by measuring your head, and order a top hat accordingly
  2. buy some red yarn and start measuring, then cut a lot of single strained pieces out,
    you'll need to have enough so that you can tie a knot and the rest goes down past your shoulders
  3. start glueing the cat skull to the hat.( here you can tie a string true the skulls to make it seem like
    the are being held in place by the string)
  4. put in the pheasant feathers
  5. to make the hat even taller then it already is I took some very strait sticks a paintet them black and white striped
  6. concrats you just made the hat

Step 2: The Staff

what you'll nedd

  • a large strait branch or rod( i went into the forest and cut down a peice of young hazel wood)
  • a large plastic skull
  • 2 dream catches
  • some rope
  • black fabric
  • not necessary (a plasic bone hand)
  1. find either a large strait branch or metel rod.
  2. cover the branch/rod in black tekstile
  3. drill a hole into the bottom of the plasic skull, big enough so the branch/rod can go through until it hits the inner top of the skull, the glue it shut.
  4. glue or drill the dream cathers into the staff
  5. glue some decorative rope on so there is more to look at
  6. i had a plastic skeleton hand left over from last halloween so i cut the fingers of and drilled holes in the staff and glued the fingers into the holes

and now the staff is done

Step 3: The Rest of the Costume

what you'll need

  • a leather treachcoat (i got mine used too keep budget down)
  • some black goth'ish pants.
  • a purple waiscoat.
  • some biker jewelry, like rings and bracelets with skulls on them.
  • a white'ish shirt(I like mine a bit dirt-taintet)
  • white contact lenses.
  • perhabs a cigar if you wanna look extra badass.
  1. this is pretty self explanatory it is just the Clothing you'll be wearing, but i will say that i paintet symbols unto the trenchcoat so that it whould better fit the theme

Step 4: The Make Up

i am so lucky that my neighbor is a make up artist so she was so kind to help me if agreed to act as model for her facebook so i cant tell you mutch about the process.

i suggests that you practice putting on the makeup a few times if you are not that practiced in the field of make-up, i left some links that seme helpfull on the process of putting on the make up

just beware that when it comes time to put in the contact lenses your eyes will most likely start to tear up and some tears will start to run down over your make up so maybe put them on before the make up is put on or just be ready to fix what ever damage may occur

the pros

Step 5: Congratulations You Just Made an Awesome Witch Doctor Costume

now go scare the living c**p out of all other party go'ers

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