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Introduction: Witches Brew Porridge

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It may appears yucky but it is so good!

From coral snake, chicken feather, maggots, to body parts, all are munch-able. Well, except for the wooden spoon :)

Step 1: Porridge

Soak a cup of glutinous black rice in water over night, rinse and changing water once or twice

Soak a cup of red kidney bean in water over night, rinse once, keep adding water as needed

Rice and beans would soak the water dry, thus adding additional water may be needed.

The next day, drain water from beans, place beans into pot, cover with a lot of water and bring to boil for 20 minutes on high heat. Turn down heat to medium and let simmer for 4 hours, adding hot water each time needed. Cook until beans are tender and almost mushy. Keep simmering until water is very low and almost gone, stirring once awhile.

Once beans are super tender, turn off heat and add in 1/4 c to 1/2 c brown sugar/coconut palm sugar, stir to dissolve.

For the rice on next day after soaking over night, drain and place rice into rice cooker. Pour about 3 C of water and let the cooker do the magic, however, it needs to be stirred occasionally and add a 1/2 c of water each time, and cook until machine says "cooked/ready" and rice became porridge (broken, mushy, and glutinous).

Add in 1/4 c - 1/2 c coconut palm sugar, stir to dissolve.

My rice cooker has "warm" feature, and I leave the rice on that feature.

Step 2: Gum and Teeth

I am thankful for the actual gum and teeth mold that I got from my dentist place haha As I didn't have time to order real mold online and not too creative in creating a look alike fondant teeth, I chose to make my own quicky mold

With gluten free and non toxic clay, shape a portion into a rope and fit it in into the styro mold. Wrap with cling wrap and bite on it (just like you would at the dentist when they fluoride your teeth) *grins*

Take off cling wrap, unmold clay and bake at 265 F for 15 minutes and let cool to room temperature

Spray with oil or brush with shortening, place a rope of fondant/gumpaste/modeling chocolate into the mold and voila, you create your set of teeth :)

Then just shape a pinkish fondant/gumpaste/modeling chocolate to be gum and glue your teeth with a dab of water to the gum :)

Step 3: Ears

Color your white fondant with a tiny bit of copper food color and knead

Shape into a ball, flatten the ball, and halve the disk with a knife

With ball tool shaper, make details on fondant and shape them into a pair of ears

Step 4: Fingers

Roll fondant into ropes as big as your whichever finger and just kinda shaping it between your real fingers and make some slices with knife to make some details and press the tip as your nails

Step 5: Body Parts Are Ready!

To make them a little creepier for my kids, I colored the fingers with red food coloring and brown edible pen

I also brush a little red food coloring on ears and some on the gums

For making eyes, I bought edible eye candies. As they only came with black and white eyes, I colored the eyes into blue or green just the outer of the black parts and also attach tiny white fondants on them. Lucky those eyes have "blood" splatters, so matching the theme.

Step 6: Snake, Feather, Maggots

For chicken feather, I use edible paper, purchased on Amazon

As for the snake, I roll a white fondant into a rope and color it as snake coral of red and black

Maggots are supper easy, make small "rice puff" pieces out of white fondant and just kinda slicing here and there on the body. Color the tip black and you got your maggots.

Step 7: The Yucky Porridge

Pour cooked tender red beans and its water into a black pot (I use a roaster haha), top with rice porridge, then place feather, snake, etc onto the porridge

For decorations surrounding the pot, just use whatever herbs you can find in your pantry! (I used whole nutmeg, kafir lime leaves, candlenut, cinnamon, dry corn, salam leaves, and star anise)

Enjoy :)

Note: The porridge is awesome warm in winter and great served cold with ice, sweetened condensed milk, coconut milk for summer days.

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    6 years ago

    Very nice... Well done !


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    thank you!!


    6 years ago

    Awesome but your skills far exceeded myne when it comes to makimg fingers an rd ears ;) Great instructable!


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    many thanks!