Introduction: Witches Potion Bottles

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I've collected empty syrup, vinegar, worchestershire, marinade, and olive oil bottles, along with those jars that candles come in, over the past year.  They made a great collection of potion bottles that make a nice Halloween display when grouped together on a tray.

Step 1: Witches Potion Bottles

You'll need:

Assorted glass bottles
Black matte spray paint
Paper sack
Tea bag
Wine corks

1. Discard the caps and plastic rings, remove labels, wash the bottles well, and dry thoroughly.

2. Spray paint the bottles with several light coats (two of my jars have glass stoppers so I made sure they were painted, too)

3.  Cut the sides of the paper sack so you have one large piece of paper and crumple into a ball.  Soak it in a cup of hot water with the tea bag for a few minutes.  Spread it flat to dry.  After it dried I tore it into label shapes so the edges would look more ragged, and wrote on them with a super fine black pen.

Step 2:

4. Glue labels using a glue stick and whittle down the corks to fit each bottle.

I used cheese cloth to disguise the tray and spread some spider webbing around the bottles.

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