Introduction: Witch's Broomstick

Every Fall my two local witches need to renew their flying brooms before the busy night of Halloween. In this Instructables I will share with you our family secrets in broom making. Be warned, this may require you to handle some strong magic ...


To build your broom you need a sturdy stick about 1,5m long and some twigs. You may have to venture deep in the dark forest to find the most powerful wood.

For tools, you will need a flint knife for cutting, some dragon snot and some slug juice to make some glue, and some werewolf hair to make some cordage. Alternatively, you can use a hand saw, some pruning shears, some wood glue and some cordage.

Step 1: Preparing the Material

Wait for a cold and rainy day to build your broom and place a few magical herbs and potions on your ceremonial table to increase the power of your broom.

Cut the stick at shoulder height and assemble the twigs and branches like a bouquet. It can be a bit tricky to do that alone. If you are a friend of Hagrid, his large hands could be handy to hold the bundle of twigs as you assemble it.

There is no formula for how much twigs to put. You will feel a spark of magic when the balance is right.

Step 2: Assembling the Broom

Place a first cordage with a simple knot, adjust the position of the twigs, cut off the extra at the base of the twigs and tighten-up the knot.

Place a second cordage and pour some glue between the twigs to add some strength. Glue made from common Welsh dragon is a cheap option, I recommend the Peruvian vipertooth or Chinese fireball dragon snot. Harder to find but it will give a little spark to your broom. Personally I prefer the Romanian Longhorn dragon snot.

Once the glue has dried, add a second and final layer of cordage. Cordage made from Balkan werewolf will increase the speed of your broom but if you favor strength go for Norwegian werewolf. Avoid Ukranian or Swedish werewolf hair. They are too stiff and will make your broom less responsive.

Step 3: Testing Your Broom

Your flying broom is ready. Make a few test flights before Halloween to make sure you are in control of your broom. A new and fresh broom can be full of surprise. Happy Halloween!

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