With This Guide You Can Build a Pen for Your Touch Screen Capacitive.




Introduction: With This Guide You Can Build a Pen for Your Touch Screen Capacitive.

As you know the capacitive touch screen, unlike the resistive, needs to feel the electric charge of your finger. While in the resistance, which is formed by a membrane mobile, simply touch the screen with any object, the capacitive screen works only if you feel an electric charge, then the pen must be strictly conductive.
For the realization I used readily available materials. Of course you can wander with the imagination as rigualda the body of the pen, the important thing is that it is metal.


An old slat curtains. (the one that stretches with two holes at the ends)
A clip of a pen to throw.
A piece of foam anti-static. (This is the gift you can ask a store of electronic materials. In short, is the foam that protects the pins of the ICs from electrostatic charges.

Step 1:

Cut the pipe about 100 mm batten taking the good with the end cap holes.

Step 2:

With very fine sandpaper polishing the outside you have the footage. This is necessary to remove the clear coat that is always there for aesthetic reasons. If you do not remove the tube will not conduct the current of your fingers. Polished a piece inside of the tube, just to be sure it is clean.

Step 3:

Cut a strip of foam rubber and plenty of forcibly inserted into the tube leaving a protruding piece.

Step 4:

With the help of scissors, cutter and sandpaper average, rounded rubber giving it a slightly conical with a rounded tip.

Step 5:

Now insert the clip of an old pen to fit with pliers if it were to be too wide.

Your pen is ready.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Good Idea! I may mod that so I can make it a clicky touch screen pen


    Reply 5 years ago

    does it really work guys


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for share with us too, we will pray for you.