Introduction: Wizard Carving Out of Wood I Christmas Ideas

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Christmas is in the air all around. My hubby got me a gift already - a Wizard Carving Kit from BeaverCraft. I found the box in the closet. I think he should hide gifts better :D

When I saw the box I was quite impressed, it looks so great. There is a wizard and lamp and books. Everything as I love. If they'd put a cup of coffee there, I think unpacked it quicker :D

So I didn't manage to leave it as it is. I opened the box in a few days.

Of course, my hubby got to know about that. Now he's looking for a new gift :D (happy me to get a bunch of gifts) While we did carve a wizard yesterday.

I'm happy to share it with you.


As I mentioned above you can buy right away a kit from BeaverCraft just for $25 with the magical packaging.

Or you can get yourself necessary stuff:

- wood

- whittling knife

- sandpaper

- safety tape

- glue

- pattern

- pencil

Step 1: Wizard Pattern

Our journey to the fairytale starts now. We’re going to carve a wizard out of a small piece of wood. Make sure to choose the name for your wizard in the end! First, let’s draw the pattern for our wizard.

Step 2: Hat Job

Let’s remove the upper part and work on a hat of our wise wizard.

Step 3: Drawing Part

Draw the lines on your wooden block as you see in the picture.

Step 4: Hat Job II

Again let’s do some work on a Wizard’s hat.

Step 5: Drawing Part II

Draw the lines of the hat in the front and at the side.

Step 6: Nose Job

Now make a smooth transition from the hat. Then make the deeper cuts along the contour. Do the job on the nose and deepen the face area.

Step 7: Beard Job

We can’t forget about the beard, right? Make sure to work on it going along the lines.

Step 8: Back Part Job

Afterward, draw the back part. Then make deeper cuts with a knife.

Step 9: Finishing Touches

We need to draw the beard lines and deepen the beard. Our wizard looks glam :)

Step 10: Beard Lines

Make sure to draw the beard lines. And then cut along the contour.

Step 11: Grats. Wizard Is Done

Hurray! We made a Wizard out Wood!

Step 12: Christmas Is on the Way

We hope you enjoyed carving a wizard.

I loved carving a wizard a lot.

After the purchase, guys from BeaverCraft sent my hubby a video-tutorial by email. This was much useful and easy to follow.

In case you get any questions/issues, feel free to message me here anytime!