Introduction: Wizarding World Sorting Hat

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Hi Wizard Fans,

I did this project for my girlfriends class, the last April so I never thought on taking many pictures of the making, but I'm sure that with the ones I took and a little help of my instructable you will be able to make you own sorting hat in no time.

Well as for the steps I will try to explain as good as I can whit some drawings that I made when I was building this.

Well the materials are as follows:

  • 2 meters of artificial leather
  • 200 g of nylon stuffing
  • Silicon Gun
  • Sewing Machine or Sewing thread and some skills
  • Scissors
  • Android Cellphone (for the sounds)
  • Bluetooth Speaker (for the sounds)

Total Value Estimate: $ 20 US

Step 1: Making Instructions

I used approximately 2 meters of artificial medium soft leather (like the one that is used in the jackets)

I cut to circles of 50 cm of diameter plus 1 cm for the flap if you are using a sewing machine

Then I cut the inside circles for the head and for the peak of the hat, one circle is smaller for the head and the other is larger for the peak.

The circle for the peak is larger because it gives more space for a fluffy and bigger hat face like the movie’s one.

Then I placed the circles backwards (inside out) to sew them together and then turn them the right way round (this way the flap is inside the edge like in the teddies).

Then I cut the peak of the hat and sew it flipped backwards (inside out) leaving a space for my hand and for the stuffing, then like the circles turned it over the right way round (as I said before this technique hides the sewing).

Then I sew the peak to the big circle from inside to not let the threat visible and finished sewing the little cup for the head (this one I couldn’t hide the sewing has there were no space to flip the hat inside out as before, but as it is the non visible part I think is okay.

Step 2: Making the Gestures

Now for Making the Gestures and Shape

To mold the eyes I used just my hands to make the shape, then from the little gap that I left without sewing I added lots of hot silicon glue to fix the eyes, so the shape remain the same.

For the mouth I wanted to be able to use my hand to move it, so I fixed some more leather in the inside as pockets for my hands with hot silicon.

And finally for the wrinkles of the peak of the hat I used just my hand starting from the biggest one like rolling up a shirt, the again I fixed it from the inside with my hot silicon gun.

After I was pleased whit the shape I stuffed the peak with nylon stuffing, also I want to say that there is no problem or interference when I stick my hand to move the mouth.

Step 3: For Making It Talk Like the Real Deal

Well finally for

making it talk I used an android app called RoboVox that shapes your voice to different types. So I made about four different selection speeches for each house and added them to quick access buttons using another app called sound button free.

The result was amazing: I added a wireless speaker to the phone by Bluetooth and while I was placing the hat to the kids, my girlfriend played the respective audio and I just simulated the mouth movement.

I filmed a little video, hope you enjoy it and if you made a hat I would love to see it!

Thanks For Reading!

Step 4:

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