Introduction: Wk2: Nestables

Hello! I started my project this week by drawing some curves in Rhino and revolving them around the z axis to create bowls. This is a satisfying activity.

Step 1: Following the Stacking/nesting Tutorial

Following the tutorial and experimenting along the way, I found myself admiring some strange compositions. The 2nd image illustrates a bug that caused the copies of the bowl to sink back down on the original bowl.

In my function TransformFrom2Points, I was using a scale variable to scale the new X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis. The problem arose because I mistakenly also applied the scaling to the new origin. Because the object was already centered at the origin (x=0,y=0), I only witnessed the bug's behavior in the Z-axis. Even as the base geometry was duplicated and offset, applying a constant scaling to the new origin resulted in the bowls appearing to "sink" towards zero as the number of copies increased.

Step 2: Toying With Coasters

Using the nesting tutorial code, explored a simple coaster design. Ultimately I decided the bowls would be more fun to print and nest.

Step 3: Starting and Stopping the Oblong Coasters

I used a non-uniform scale operation on the coasters in Cura to make them oblong, and started the print before I realized that their relatively thick solid bases would require most of my precious starter filament. I cancelled the print relatively quickly.

Step 4: Previewing the Bowls

Because my filament is running low, I am printing the bowls at reduced scale. I hope you enjoyed following along.

Step 5: Printed Models

The tiny bowls are sturdy and nest perfectly. There are some print artifacts resulting in roughness on the inside bottom of the bowls, but the main visible printed surfaces are very smooth.

I have included an image comparing the the bowls to my first attempt at a bracelet. Because the extruder tool-paths are not continuous, the lattice patterning is full of print artifacts including jagged diagonals and filament cob web.

I now have serving bowls for one blueberry, one grape, one walnut, and one kumquat.