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Step 1: Green

I took lime green from wolfe effects to paint my whole face green.

Step 2: Contour

Taking a dear green eye shadow to contour my cheek bones, nose and part of my head.

Step 3: Teeth

I used white body paint from wolfe to make the teeth off to the side of my mouth.

Step 4: Mouth

I took this green lipstick from NYX and used it on my lips, then I took black body paint to outline my lips,then I used black eye shadow to shadow under the teeth.

Step 5: Detail

I used green eye shadow to make some angry expression lines. and I used black body paint to make the eyebrows.

Step 6: Texture

I used a stipple sponge and dark green body paint to make some dots and then I used my finger to make bigger spots.

Step 7: Highlight

I used a very light green body paint to highlight the forehead, chin, upper lip, and corner of the eyes.

Step 8: Outline

I used a black eyeliner to outline the teeth and angry lines.

Step 9: Eyes

I used a dark green eye shadow all over the lid, then darken the outer corner of my eyes with a black eye shadow, then I used a black eyeliner to make a cat eye.

Step 10: Body

Covered my body in the same green I used on my face.

Step 11: Shirt/or.. Whatever

I used brown body paint to fill in the shirt, then I used a dark brown to make pull marks, then I used white body paint to highlight.

Step 12: Gold

I used gold body paint to make the loop and strap.

Step 13: Details

I used a black body paint to make 'boobs' and then I used the stipple sponge to make more marks with dark green body pant, after that I used dark green eye shadow to shadow everything. I also outlined the shirt with the eyeliner.

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