Introduction: Wolf Training Minecraft P.E!

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Are you tired of your pathetic wolf on minecraft P.E? Well follow this guide for training to make your wolf amazing!

Step 1: Hurdles

Hurdles are great for wolf speed and jump training. To build the place two wool blocks next to each other then stack two fences next to the wool. Make sure there is a 2 space gap between each hurdle.It sounds confusing but just follow the pictures!! :) now run over the hurdles, and get the wolf to follow you. After a while, reduce the gap between the hurdles to 1 block gap.This will help with speed !

Step 2: Swimming

Swimming is a useful skill for wolves. Find a pool of water and swim in it. Get your wolf to follow you in. Swim around! This will help your wolf's swimming ability!

Step 3: Fighting

Fighting is one of the most valued ability by players. Start training with weaker mobs like spiders. Make sure you restore your wolf's health with meat! Progress to stronger mobs like zombies. Try training by fighting mobs in water!

Step 4: Thanks!

Thanks for reading! For better wolf care see my instructable 'Wolf Care Minecraft P.E'! Comment please! Thanks!