Women's Everyday Leather Purse-wallet

Introduction: Women's Everyday Leather Purse-wallet


a piece of leather


thread for leather and 2 needles

a very sharp cutter


drill with a nail on the front

grease for leathers (optional)

Firstly, you need to measure the piece of leather according to your taste and then cut it. Afterwards, you have to measure the gap you will have to cut for the zipper and then glue the zipper to it. Once you've done that you drill holes along the edges of the zipper and then you sew it with the waxed thread.

Then you measure equal distances along the edges of the whole purse and you drill small holes with the nail on the drill (use the nail on the front of the drill to get a better result). Once you've done that you need to get two needles and the thread and start sewing with this pattern: first you pass through the hole the first needle from the right and then the second needle from the left in the same hole, making sure your thread is the same length on both sides. You follow the same routine throughout all the holes.

When you finish passing the thread through all the holes, at the last hole you need to take one of your needles and pass it again through the previous hole so as to have both needles at the same side to be able to tie a knot. After you have made the knot make sure that you burn the thread a bit to avoid possible fray.

An extra tip is to use grease for leathers in order to moisturise your leather and make it softer and waterproof.

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