Introduction: Women's Hair Barrette - Flower Pattern Ribbon

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To make this Hair Accs you will need:

Miniribbon Bruni DIY Kit

- What's in the box:

Love Flower Ribbon(15mm) - 49cm (22cm*1ea, 23cm*1ea, 4cm*1cm)

Barrette Clips(8cm) - 1ea

Accessory - 1ea

- What else is required:

Glue gun

Craft Lighter


Step 1:

Take 22cm-long and 23cm-long 'Love Flower Ribbon(15mm)', and gently fold each ribbon diagonally as shown in the picture.

Step 2:

With two folded ribbons, pile them up together not to overlap all the edges.

Step 3:

Place a wire at about 3cm ~ 3.5cm from the left side, and twist the wire to tighten it, to secure the bow.

Step 4:

Take 4cm-long 'Love Flower Ribbon(15mm)', wrap the ribbon and glue on the back side.

Step 5:

Cut the tails along the diagonal, and heat seal the ribbon with a lighter.

Step 6:

Glue the ribbon element on the barrette. Add a dot of glue on both ends of barrette to secure.

Step 7:

Apply Loctite to the backside of the accessory and stick on the ribbon.

There! Completed!

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