Introduction: Women’s Shoe Guide: 5 Foolproof Tips for Choosing the Right Shoes for Your Outfit

Let’s face it: women have a special relationship with their shoes and bags. They are accessories we will wear from the time we are young until we are old. Shoes and bags can do a lot for our outfits and even affect the way we feel about ourselves. Nothing can compare to an amazing new pair of shoes or a gorgeous new bag. But not all of us are professional stylists, and choosing the right shoes to go with your wardrobe may be a difficult task, depending on the occasion. For that reason, we’ve created a guide for you so that you can always look your best!

Step 1: Matching Your Shoe Colour With Your Bag And/or Belt

Matching your shoe colour with your bag and/or belt is one of the oldest rules in fashion—and that’s exactly what it is: old-fashioned! You should only repeat a colour twice in your outfit for it to be cohesive and “together” looking. If you have an outfit with many colours, you can just match your shoes to one of those colours. If you need to add an accessory to make this happen, go ahead, but only match your shoes to one thing: either your outfit, or your belt, or your jewelry, or your bag, but not all of them!

Step 2: Your Goal With Your Shoe Choice Is to Compliment Your Outfit

Your goal with your shoe choice is to compliment your outfit, not compete with it. If you have a very flashy main piece such as a top, you’ll want to leave the sequin stilettos in the closet and go for something more subdued. However, if your outfit is plain or monotone, it’s a great opportunity to show off a pair of flashy shoes that will add some pizzazz to your look. The key here is balance. You want to avoid having one item stand out in your outfit; you also want to avoid having every item stand out, or having a monotone boring look. If your outfit is all one colour, try to avoid wearing this same colour of shoe, but rather go for something more complimentary.

Step 3: Your Body Type Matters When Choosing the Right Shoes

Your body type matters when choosing the right shoes, believe it or not. For example, don’t choose boots that cut off at the widest part of your calf: high boots should cut off above your calf where the leg begins to narrow below the knee. When wearing flat shoes, avoid wearing them with skinny jeans or you may look top-heavy (that style only works for very thin people!). If you have large feet, avoid pointy toed shoes that can make your feet appear even longer. And when it comes to heels, petite women should avoid wearing heels that are more than 4 inches tall as they actually make your legs appear larger. Also to be avoided by fashion lovers with short legs are heel with ankle straps, as they do nothing to elongate your legs as a high heel should do. Look for shoes that flatter your legs and your body type by choosing quality shoes. Premium brands such as Clarks, Hush puppies and Spylovebuy have shoes designed to suit every woman.

Step 4: Being Sensible Isn’t Always Easy When It Comes to the Shoes We Choose

Being sensible isn’t always easy when it comes to the shoes we choose, but it’s one of the most important tips. Always make sure your shoes are appropriate not only for your outfit, but also for the weather and the occasion. Save your boots for Autumn and Winter, to be worn with skirts and dresses or skinny jeans. Heels are for formal occasions, and make sure they aren’t too sexy unless you are going to a nightclub. Work shoes should be fairly conservative, while sandals and flip flops should only be worn during very warm weather in casual circumstances. Choose quality brands for work shoes, such as Clarks smart shoes for women, for something that will show sophistication. Trainers are strictly for working out or walking, though some fashion trainers and wedge trainers could work in some work environments as they are very trendy right now. However, before you follow a trend, make sure it’s a sensible choice.

Step 5: The Right Colour Is Probably One of the Most Difficult Choices

The right colour is probably one of the most difficult choices to make when it comes to matching shoes with our outfit. The easiest way to solve this problem is to always remember that you should try to find similar tones to your outfit, i.e. light with light, dark with dark, neutral with neutral—even if the colours don’t really match. Yes, you can wear black shoes with almost anything except pastels. But there are many more neutral tones you can wear such as taupe, brown and nude. Silver shoes are trendy right now, and you can easily wear them with pastels, but also blues, purples or black and white. White or cream shoes should only be worn with whites, light neutrals, pastels, or neon bright colours.

Choosing the perfect shoes to go with your outfit doesn’t have to be rocket science when you follow these tips. You’ll look great for your next occasion, whether it’s a meeting for work or a rendezvous with destiny!