Introduction: Xtunic : Inexpensive No-sew Womenswear From Men's Shirts DIY

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Welcome to my first instructable !

I am a fashion enthusiast. Currently my interest is in finding advanced expression in fashion design.

Well on this instructable I am sharing one of my first experiments, more as a beginner to making fashion.

It is a no-cut, no-sew tutorial on how to make an inexpensive dress/tunic from men's shirts.

I bought these shirts from a nearby charity shop for less than $5 each.

Let's make it ! It's ready in minutes.

You will need :

  1. 2 Men's shirts of your choice. (I recommend large/XLarge size for a casual look)
  2. yourself :)

Step 1: Lay / Hang and Button

  1. Lay the shirt that you want on the back of your body, on a flat surface.Alternatively, you could work on a hanger or a dress-form/Tailor's dummy. <google search for ebay/amazon cheap deals>
  2. Lay the other shirt in such a way that now both shirts face their open fronts to each other. refer 2 in image
  3. Button them on both sides. Button side of one shirt will connect to the button-hole side of another. that's convenient!
  4. Do not button those which will block your arms to come out. in my case, I left 2nd and 3rd buttons from the top for an armhole. refer 4 in image

Step 2: Make an 'X' of the Sleeves

5. Join the Left-sleeve of the front shirt with the left-sleeve of the back shirt resting them on right hips using cuff buttons.

Join right-sleeves of both the shirts resting them on left hips in the same way. That will form an 'X' pattern on both front and back.

refer 5 in image.

6. I recommend twisting the sleeves of the back shirt for an interesting look.

*You can drape this on your own body with some practice. using hanger/dress form is more convenient.

Step 3: Roll in the Excess Fabric

7. Roll in the excess fabric on the sides keeping front shirt visible. refer 7 in image

Step 4: It's Ready! What's More!

You can :

  • wear it from both sides. front can be back and vice versa.
  • chose it's color / monochrome or pattern/print and it will work for all fashion seasons.
  • Assemble, bring back to step 1, re-assemble at any time.

Step 5: Credits

**the image shows a design that is a close variation of Xtunic. All I have done is buttoned one side under the arm instead of above shoulder. Have fun playing.

Many thanks for reading :)


Feel free to share your comments/suggestions and make this design better.

If you try this DIY, it will be great to see your version. Also don't hesitate to share this work, build upon it or in general play with it. Cheers ;)

P.S. Very soon I will upload more instructables on the subject- 'Womenswear from men's shirts', and also on this particular 'X' design.

Credits :

Model - (Wonderful) Marianna