Introduction: Wonder Woman 1984 Golden Armor Complete Costume

Get inspired with the new Wonder Woman 1984 movie for this Halloween.
I used mostly recicle material as used yoga mats for the wings, old bike helmet and roof rubber left over for example.
This project toke me 3 weeks of work but it was totally worth. It came up really cool and I’m proud of sharing with you all.
Model, costume design and HAMUA: Jaqueline Cruz
Photo by: Nick Tenney Photography

Step 1: Molding Your Body

Use plastic and tape to mold your body.

Step 2: Starting the Corset

Cut the plastic mold inspired in the outfit, use the cut parts to draw in rubber or EVA, cut the parts and glue it together, I used E5000. However it is not as strong as I expected. However double the quantity of glue used helped a lot.

Step 3: Apply Gold Paint.

Hang the corset and apply permanent gold paint on it. Let it dry at least one hour before touching it. Read the paint instructions and follow it.
You don’t want the colors wearing out after one use.

Step 4: Carve the Helmet.

Carve the helmet in a Styrofoam bike helmet, sand paper it, and add EVA for the final details.
You may also have to carve the styrofoam inside the helmet to adjust perfectly to your head.

Step 5: Apply Gesso on the Helmet

Apply gesso mixed with school glue on the helmet let it dry, sand paper it a apply gold paint.
If the gesso cracks after dry you may need to apply a second hand and sand paper it again.

Step 6: Wings

Cut the wing pieces in EVA, place it together and glue it.
The quantity and size of the pieces will depend of how big you want it.
Use Straps for the arms. I recycled straps and buckle from a used backpack.

Step 7: Paint the Wings.

Paint the wings with gold paint and apply silver office pins for detailing.
Remember using a permanent paint.
Use metallic tones for a better efect.
Don’t forget to let it dry properly.

Step 8: Get a Gold Body Suit

Buy a gold body suit, cut the rubber pieces for the legs armor, paint with gold paint and glue it with fabric what her proof Permanent glue.
You also can order a printed one on Internet if you want it more similar to the One Gal Gadot uses in the Wonder Woman 1984 movie.
I wanted mine more original to my style so I did opt for styling a gold jumpsuit.

Step 9: Try on Often

Try it on your costume to make sure it fits properly and doesn’t need alterations.
The rubber expand a little bit be careful for not ripping it of creating cracks on the painting.

Step 10: Photo-shoot It With a Professional Photographer

Put on your best makeup and hire a photographer for making a professional photo-shoting of your art!

This step is important for highlighting and presenting it in a professional way.

Enjoy the opportunity and use the images for connecting with others artist in you social media.
Ask people who share the same passion you do to follow you.
Share your art with the world! You may be an amazing artist and the world deserves to see it!

Thanks everyone and see you in the next project!
Jaqueline Cruz
AKA Wonder Woman! ☺️


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