Wonder Woman Barn Door Kite by She-Ra and Clara

Introduction: Wonder Woman Barn Door Kite by She-Ra and Clara

About: I am the teacher of a project future and robotics class at a Durango middle school. All projects created by this account are created by middle school students aged 12-14.

As part of Mr. Skinner's Project Future class at Escalante Middle School, we made tissue paper kites, and wrote instructions to help other people make them too! This is our barn door kite with Wonder Woman Logo.

This is a very easy and inexpensive kite to make. It is fun and has a cool design!

Step 1: Gather Materials

For this project you will need:

  • 1 Blue Tissue Paper Sheet 20" X 30"
  • Yellow Tissue Paper
  • Red Tissue Paper
  • White Tissue Paper
  • 3 Bamboo Spars 2mm in diameter
  • 1 Spool of Thread
  • 1 Garbage Bag
  • Scissors
  • Elmer's Glue All
  • A Pencil
  • 1 Meter Stick

Step 2: Measure Paper

Take the 20" X 30" sheet of blue tissue paper and fold it in half so it is 20" X 15". Create measurements as shown in picture.

Step 3: Cut Kite Out

Cut the kite out along the lines you just drew and unfold it. Make sure the paper doesn't move as you cut it.

Step 4: Cut Bamboo Spars

Cut two of the bamboo spars to 22" long.

Step 5: Glue Spars

Glue the bamboo spars from corner to corner leaving one inch off either end as shown. To make sure the glue line is straight, use a ruler or meter stick and glue along the straight edge.

Step 6: Cut and Glue Third Spar

Cut the third spar to 20" long. Glue it corner to corner leaving an inch off either end as shown in the picture.

Step 7: Add Patches

Cut out pieces of leftover blue tissue paper to go where the spars overlap and to go at the ends. Glue them to the kite as shown in the pictures. This provides extra support and stability.

Step 8: Cut Out Design

Cut out one larger red circle, one medium sized yellow circle, and one smaller blue circle. After that, cut out eight white stars along with the Wonder Woman logo.

Step 9: Glue Design Together

First, glue the three circles together. Put the red one, the largest, on the bottom. Put the yellow one, the second largest, in the middle. Put the blue one, the smallest, on top.

Next, glue the Wonder Woman symbol on top of the circles you just glued together. Make sure it is in the middle.

Then, glue the stars on the red strip around the inside. Look at the picture for where you should place them.

Step 10: Glue Design to Kite

Glue the design you just made to the kite in the center. You might want to let the design dry first, but it should work either way.

Step 11: Add Dihedral Flex

Cut a piece of thread from the spool 23" long. Tie one end to the end of the horizontal bamboo spar. Tie the other end to the other end of the horizontal bamboo spar. Do this so there is a slight bend in the bamboo spar and the kite as shown in the picture.

Step 12: Make Bridal

Making the bridal is probably the most difficult part of making the kite. Don't worry. It's still pretty easy.

First, you have to cut two pieces of string that are 48" long.

Next, you have to poke 4 holes in the kite for the bridal string. Look at the first picture. It is circled in orange. There should be two on each side, and each set of two should be on opposite sides of the bamboo spar.

Then, you need to thread one of the pieces of string down through one of the holes, and up through the one right next to it. Look at the second picture. It is circled in orange. Repeat on the other side.

Now, you have to tie the thread to the excess bamboo spars at the top. Look at the third picture. It is circled in orange also. Repeat on the other side. Make sure both sides end up being the same length. Look at the fourth picture.

Finally, you have to tie a loop with those pieces of string. Look at the last three pictures to do this piece.

Step 13: Add a Tail

Get a trash bag and roll it up longways. Then, cut off the ends of the trash bag and throw them away. Cut an inch off the end of the rolled up trash bag. Once you unroll it, the long strip will become the tail. Tape each end onto the bottom ends of the bamboo spars.

Step 14: Fly!

Now, attach the spool of thread to the bridal loop. Take outside and fly. Have fun!

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