Introduction: Wonder Woman Tiara

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From the moment I saw Batman v. Superman, I knew I needed to make Wonder Woman's tiara for my wife. It also gave me a chance to use the Worbla I had been given as a gift last Christmas. Double win for me.

Step 1: Materials

This was a fairly simple project as far as materials go. This was also my first attempt at using Worbla, so it was kind of an experiment too.

• Worbla
• Scissors
• Heat Gun
• Gesso
• Brown Spray paint
• Gold Spray paint
• sandpaper

Step 2: Reference and Draw Pattern

I pulled some pictures from the internet to use for drawing up the pattern.

I measured the size of my wife's forehead in order to get the right dimensions. Then I free handed the design before getting a ruler to get things more exact. I only had to do one side to get it really symmetrical.

Step 3: Cut & Trace Pattern

Once I had the pattern drawn, I cut it out. I planed this out a bit knowing that I wanted it to look a bit more layered. This required some incremental cutting of the pattern to make the layers. I drew these out onto the Worbla, then cut those out. With them all cut out it was ready for the next step.

Step 4: Heat Pieces Together

One side of Worbla is shiny, while the other is more textured and dull. The shiny side is the stickiest one. I started by heating the first two layers and sticking them together. I then progressively heated and attached layers until they were all built up. It is important to not heat them too much as this makes it rather difficult to work with.

Step 5: Shape Tiara

With all the layers heated together it was time to shape the whole thing. It needed a nice round shape to fit comfortably on my wife's head. I slowly heated sections and shaped them until the backs met. The back stuck together very easily. Once together I was able to work a general shape out until it fit smoothly on my wife's head.

Step 6: Gesso & Sanding

After the shape is set, the Worbla needs a smoother finish. To do this requires multiple steps of gessoing and sanding. This fills and smooths some of the gaps and prepares the Worbla for painting.

Step 7: Modge Podge & Sanding

To get an even smoother finish, I coated it with Modge Podge. I used a very fine grit sand paper between the layers of modge podge.

Step 8: Painting

I started with a base layer of a brown metallic spray paint. This was to give more depth to the grooves. After this dried, I sprayed the inside of the tiara with the gold spray paint. Then I did a light dusting on the outside. I finished by spraying the gold into a paper towel and then highlighting the ridges with the paint.

Step 9: Put It on and Look Awesome

Now that it's completed, put that thing on and represent your Girl Power.

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