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Introduction: Wood Block Sign

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Here is an easy to do wooden sign if you have a band saw handy. It is made from Birch wood blocks glued to a piece of Lluan wood board.

Step 1. I started out measuring 9 blocks of birch wood 2'' x 3" and band sawed them out. Then repeated step for the 1" x 1.5" blocks.

Step 2. Once blocks were cut, each block letter was penciled on and band saw cut. The letter A needed a 3/8" dia. hole drilled in it. The cut edges were roughly sanded with 80 grit Garnet paper, not worrying too much about smooth edges.

Step 3. Block letters were placed on Lluan and perimeter was traced on to board. The board was then band saw cut. The board was sanded to knock off frayed edges.

Step. 4 The blocks were laid back on and traced onto the board. Then, the blocks were bonded on with 5 minute epoxy. Since the 2 part mixture sets up quickly, I mixed up enough to do 3 - 4 letters at a time, coating both board and back of letter.

Step 5. Once dry, the exposed board was painted blue and stippled with white. The edges of the letters were also painted blue.

Step 6. Once the paint dried, the letters and edges were coated with polyurethane and left to dry overnight.

Step 7. High light markers were used to colourize the letters. Once dried, a last coat of polyurethane was applied to the letter tops. Once dry enough to handle, I screwed in two mini eyelets on the back side and tied picture hanging wire to both.


9 - 3/4" x 2" x 3" Birch blocks

3 - 3/4" x 1" x 1.5" Birch blocks

3/16" x 10" x 16" Lluan wood

5 minute epoxy

Craft acrylic paint - Blue and White

80 grit Garnet sand paper

Minwax Polyurethane

Highlight markers

Picture hanging kit

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