Introduction: Wood Block USB Drive

Wood Block USB Drive from Matthew Carrell on Vimeo.

Make a Wood Block USB Drive from an old flashdrive.

Step 1: What You'll Need

I found some one inch square wood blocks at a good will. they are perfect for home projects.

2 - 1 inch Square Wood Blocks

1- old usb flash drive

a dremel with drill tool

hot glue gun with hot glue

some sandpaper

safety classes

Step 2: Combine Cubes

heat up your hot glue and add a dab of glue to one of the cubes.
then squeeze the two cubes together, make sure the two cubes are even with each other.
I twist them around a little to assure adherence.

Step 3: Time to Drill!

mark out the measurements for the USB stick on the cube. start slow with the drill taking off the marks you just made. then start drilling where you erased the marks. after awhile you can check the depth with the USB Stick.

Step 4: Time for More Glue.

Once you have the USB deep enough take out the stick and fill the hole with hot glue. you can fill it up to the top because the stick will push down the rest.

Step 5: Test It.

I tried mine when the Glue was still warm and it worked fine. you should probably wait till it cools though :D