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Introduction: Wood Burning Art | Pyrography

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  1. Wood (I have use yellow pine).
  2. Sandpaper (to make the surface smooth).
  3. Scale.
  4. Black Pencil.
  5. Metal Ruler
  6. Soldering Iron.
  7. Boiled Linseed Oil.

Step 1: Draw Template on Wood

  1. Make the surface smooth by sanding the wood.
  2. Put metal ruler on wood and mark line with black pencil from both sides of ruler.
  3. Draw nodes of bamboo.
  4. Do some shades with black pencil.

Step 2: Start Burning

  1. Turn on the soldering iron and wait for getting it hot.
  2. Trace the lines exactly same as we did before with pencil but this time use soldering iron. Try to make the tip diagonal (not pointy) so it burn wider.
  3. Burn the nodes area. keep moving your hand in circular motion just to burn every area evenly.

Step 3: Wood Finish

  1. I have choose linseed oil to finish the wood.
  2. Put linseed oil on wood and spread it all over. Do this several time because wood is thirsty and absorb oil very quickly. When wood absorb much oil, leave it for 20 minutes.
  3. Wipe off all excessive oil from the surface and let it dry for 2 days or according to oil manufacturer instructions.
  4. Do the step 2 and 3 again (written above).

Step 4: Some Extra Images

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    Question 4 years ago on Step 2

    Do you use green wood or aged?

    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    5 years ago

    This looks like so much fun! I've been wanting to get my wood burner out but haven't been able to think of anything to do. I think I'll have to just go for it and try my hand at some fun art :D

    Awesome Crafts
    Awesome Crafts

    Reply 5 years ago

    At first I was thinking about to make this picture. Because it does not requires shading we can just draw and burn all inside drawn template but this pictures suit on square or circle shape piece of wood. Maybe you want to try this.


    5 years ago

    Thank you for the tutorial, well done.