Introduction: Wood Burning Map

Pyrography has been around for centuries. It is an age-old technique used by Egyptians, Africans, and China, heated metal ,is used to burn wood, leaving behind a decorative pattern.

Light colored woods are ussally used as a for pyrography for contrast. I am using beech for the pyrograqphy. Only use untreated wood, pressure-treated wood and MDF contains harmful chemicals.

Map from:



- Wood

- Map printout


- Wood burning iron/ Soldering iron

- Sandpaper

- Oil pastel

- Painters tape

Step 1: Prepare Wood

It’s a good idea to sand your wood before you transfer your design. Sand with a high grit sandpaper(80 grit) that will remove large imperfections, then move on to a lower grit sandpaper(280 grit).Working on a rough piece of wood will cause your pyrography tip to catch on the wood and leave jagged lines on the wood.

Step 2: Making the Transfer Paper

The oil pastel allows the design to be easily transferred from the printout to the wood. Apply the oil pastel to the back of the printout, you can tape the printout to a window to clearly see the lines.

Step 3: Transfer Map

Paste the printout on the wood, being careful not to move the paper or press down on it to prevent unwanted marks. Use a pen to trace the lines the pen will transfer the markings onto the wood. carefully, lift the paper off the wood.

Step 4: Wood Burning

You’re ready to burn, heat up your wood burning iron and begin. Press harder for thicker lines, press longer for darker lines.

Step 5: Sanding

This step will remove any unwanted marks and the burnt residue ring. Use a high grit sandpaper such as 280 grit.

Step 6: Done!

It's completed! Make one for yourself and share this with your friends!

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