Introduction: Wood Burning Stove Rope & Glass Replacement

Before attempting to follow this guide please ensure you are wearing personal protective equipment such as gloves / eye protection.

To complete this instructable you will require:

Replacement Heat Resistant Wood Burning Stove Glass (Suitable for your stove)
Replacement Heat Resistant Rope of the correct diameter and length

and either a) A wire brush or b) A rotary wire drill attachment and drill.

Credit for this instructable and all parts required are available to purchase online from ADS Stove Door Glass.

Please exercise caution while using power/tools and ensure that your stove is fully cold before starting.

Step 1: Remove the Stove Door.

This can be done in one of three ways. Either lift the door straight off its hinges, or push the hinge pins upwards and remove, or finally sometimes the doors are bolted on, in this case undo the bolts and remove the door.

Step 2: Remove the Glass.

Lay the door on a flat surface (please be aware that the door will be dirty), and using a screwdriver remove all the screws that hold the glass clips in place. Remove the glass.

Step 3: Remove the Old Rope.

Carefully remove the larger outer door rope. If you have also bought the glass seal rope then remove this too. If you have just bought a standard rope replacement kit then leave the glass seal alone.

Step 4: Cleaning the Rope Grooves.

Using a wire brush clean out the rope grooves until they are completely clear of debris. If you have access to a drill and a rotary wire brush this will do a quicker job. (PLEASE wear eye protection).

Step 5: Preparing Your New Rope.

Measure the rope against your stove door and cut it to size (leaving a little extra).

Step 6: Applying the Adhesive.

Using the Premium Rope Fix adhesive provided in your pack apply a line of glue all the way around your stove rope groove. Please make sure you wear gloves to do this and ensure you don’t get any glue on your clothes or in your eyes.

Step 7: Setting the New Rope.

Start at the bottom middle of your stove door, place the rope into the groove and press it down into the adhesive, continue this all the way around your stove door. Cut the rope to size and push it into the remaining gap making sure you push the rope down well all the way around. If you are also replacing the glass seal then repeat as above again in the glass seal groove and ensure it is firmly pushed down.

Step 8: Replacing the Glass.

Carefully remove your glass from its packaging and remove any labels. Place the glass down gently centrally into the desired position. Place the screws and clips back into the holes by hand and tighten up with a screwdriver. Be very careful not to over tighten these screw as this may cause your new glass to crack!

Step 9: Completed Door.

The door is now complete. Please allow 12 hours for your adhesive to dry properly. Then you can put your door back onto your stove and light a fire. You should notice a big improvement in your stove’s efficiency.

If you require any further help more information can be found at

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