Introduction: Wood Chair

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I will make a chair for my children.

these are reference models for my chair.

Step 1: Cad Drawings

you can find cad drawings and dimension in attachment

Step 2: 3D Rendering

these are 3d drawings about my chair.

It will be a simple model

Step 3: Wood Parts and Meterial List

solid woods (thickness 24mm*24mm)

290mm 2 pcs -front legs

575 mm 2 pcs. -back legs

235 mm 3 pcs. -front connection

192 mm 4 pcs. -left and right connection

solidwood panel (thickness 18mm)

287 mm*250 mm 1 pcs. (sitting area)

235 mm*50 mm 2 pcs.(backrest)

18 pcs. dowel for connection

18 pcs. screw (3,5*60) for connection

Step 4: Assembly

drill and dowel things

Step 5: Installation With Screw

screw things

Step 6: Frame

frame is ready

Step 7: Final Preparations


Step 8: Ready to Sit