Introduction: Wood Clock With Laser Making

In this description, I present a woodworking I invented, with which I realized a cool watch.

Step 1: First Off All

I have a DIY laser mashine with Endurance 10w laser modul. It's work fine. I cut and engrave wood with this.
This clock is a special from me , I experimented with this technique.

I think I have achieved a fantastic result

Step 2: Cutting and Engraving

I attach the drawings in svg format. For the result shown in the picture, the engraving lines must be burned into the wood to a depth of 2 mm.

Step 3: Surface Preparation

The surface of the wood should be sanded smooth in the direction of the fibers, after which it should be dusted with compressed air.

Step 4: Pickling/painting

Once the surface is ready, you can apply the colors. I usually use pickles or acrylic paints for this process. In this case, I used an alcohol-based walnut marinade, the more rows I apply to the surface, the darker the end result will be. The most important thing for successful work is to pipette the marinade following the pattern burned deep into the wood, so that the amount of marinade can be dosed precisely and does not cross the line.

Step 5: Sticking

A few hours after pickling, after it has dried, I glue the two parts together using a glue. I use moment clamps until knitting.

Step 6: FINISH

Due to the long-lasting end result, I tend to varnish the wood.

I hope with my description I was able to help anyone with a little creative work.

Step 7: File

You can find the drawings for this watch here.