Introduction: Wood Club

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Some tools require a wood mallet or wood club to use like a froe:

A simple wood club is easy to make. I will show you how I made mine.

Step 1: DANGER!

You will be splitting, sawing, and carving. Be careful. A free tool could end up costing you if you have to make a trip to the hospital.

Step 2: Tools

You will need a hammer and some splitting wedges to split wood. A carving knife and carving hatchet to shape your club. You will also need a saw to saw the wood. A stump or sturdy chunk of wood is a good surface to do the splitting and chopping on.

Step 3: Materials

All you need to make a wood club is a chunk of wood. The club is waiting in there for you , you just have to carve it out. I used a piece of freshly fallen oak about 6 inches in diameter and a little over a foot long.

Step 4: Split a Rough Shape

Using a splitting wedge and hammer, split off the bark and part of the sap wood. Work from the same end of the wood, this should keep one end small and the other end big.

Step 5: Test Fit

The best part of making your own tools, is that you are making them to fit you. As you are making the club, test it out and see how it feels.

Step 6: Rough Shape the Handle

Use a carving ax to shape the handle to the size you want.

Step 7: Finish Carving the Handle

Once you get the handle close to the size you want, smooth it out with a carving knife. Round off the bottom of the handle for comfort. You don't have to smooth off the working end of the club, it will get worn over time. You can make different length and diameter clubs for different applications.

Step 8: Video

As usual, I made a video.

Thank you for watching.

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