Wood Composition Notebooks



Introduction: Wood Composition Notebooks

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You will need:

Laser Cutter

9.75"x7.5" Composition Book

Cutting Tool


Step 1: Laser Cut

Laser cut your panels. We've included the .Ai files and .SVG files for the "Tree Notebook", a festive "Halloween Notebook", and a "Plain" file for customizing with your own designs.

We used a large format pro series machine to cut our panels, but each of these can be cut on a 20"x12" desktop Hobby machine.

The files are all color coordinated for cutting order. Raster engrave black sections, then vector engrave on blue paths, and finally vector cut all red paths.

Step 2: Cut

Prep your notebook by cutting along the edge of the binding. We want to preserve as much of the black binding as we can. We will reuse the binding to attach our wooden panels. If you're using a box cutter. be sure to lie the book flat and separate the pages from the side you will be cutting. This will prevent those pages from being damaged.

Do this to both sides.

Step 3: Glue

Place your wooden panel on top of your pages. Ensure that each side is evenly aligned to your pages. Fold your binding over the panel. so that you can add a crease into the cardboard-lined binding. Once you've tested the fit of your binding, add a small amount of glue to the edge of the wood and attach with the binding. Hold this joint until it's completely dry. For best results, use clamps to secure the fitting.

Repeat on the opposite side.

Step 4: Take Note

Keep all your information noted in these beautiful and inexpensive journals.

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