Introduction: Wood Desk

Here is a simple wood desk that you can make for around $200.

Step 1: Sand & Stain Wood

I purchased a glued pine 6ft by 2ft board from a local hardware store for around $30. I sanded it down, stained it a driftwood color (about 3 coats), and then applied a Polycrylic finish. I did this because I wanted a completely smooth and even tabletop for setting a computer on it.

Step 2: Apply Plumber Hardware for Landing Gear

I decided to go with 3/4 inch steel piping for the legs. You can make these into whatever height you'd like. I also love the fact that when I move again someday, I can just take the legs off and move the desk very easily.

12 x 3/4″ black flanges (feet)
12 3" Pipes ¾” Black Iron
4 90 Degree Elbow Pipes ¾” Black Iron
8 T Pipes ¾” Black Iron
6 10" Pipes ¾” Black Iron
2 18" Pipes ¾” Black Iron
32 ¾" Length Screws

This definitely was the most expensive part of the desk. This in total cost around $175.

P.S. - I also didn't realize how dirty my hands would get! Made it look even more impressive to my wife.

Step 3: Mission Accomplished

Insert computer, lamp, old camera, and grenade on top of desk and you are completed.

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