Wood Desk Lamp Dimmable




Introduction: Wood Desk Lamp Dimmable

This is a dimmable lighting project.

Simple, minimalistic and with a vintage feel.




  • Miter saw with saw blade 12"
  • CNC with milling cutter (end mill set carbide 2 fultes 6mm and V carving 30°)
  • Drill press
  • Drill bit 8mm
  • Fostner drill bit 35mm (or the size of the lamp socket you use)
  • Palm sander
  • Sanding paper 120 and 220
  • Bar clamp 6"
  • Screwdriver Philips PH0
  • Cordless Drill with driver bits
  • Wire cutter pliers
  • Long nose pliers

Step 1: Preparing the Wood

In the first step we will mark 3 squares of 10cm x 10cm in the wood to make the cut in the miter saw. If you have a large CNC you can make the cuts on it.

Step 2: Internal Cuts and Holes

In this step we will make the internal cuts in the wooden pieces to place the components internally. I used a CNC machine but if you don't have one, you can use a router tool.

Then, we will drill the socket hole and holes for the cable passage. Use forstner drill with diameter equal to the socket and 8mm drill for cable passage.

Step 3: Testing Wooden Fittings and Components

Put the components in place and check that the wooden parts close correctly. If necessary, make adjustments to the wooden pieces.

Step 4: Sanding Wood Pieces

Let's sand the wooden pieces. First sand the faces of each part. Then put the pieces together and sand them to make them all the same. Use the bar clamps to secure the parts.

Step 5: Component Assembly

In this step we will do the assembly of the components.

  1. Place the socket, it will be fixed only by pressure but if necessary, use glue to fix it,
  2. Put the dimmer and screw the potentiometer nut.
  3. Cut 2 meters of cable and thread it into the bottom piece.

Step 6: Screw Fixing Holes

Now we are going to fix the wooden pieces.

For this, we will make 4 holes in the ends of the pieces to facilitate the placement of the screws. Be careful when screwing so as not to break the wood but if it occurs, no problem, it can be fixed.

Step 7: Electric Circuit

The electrical circuit of the project is very simple.

All components will be connected in series. The drawing of the first image describes it.

Step 8: Finishing

Finally, fix the bottom piece with screws. Then, pass the product to make the wood color more vivid. I used mineral oil.

Finally, put the knob in place, adjusting it to be even between the + and -.

Step 9: Result

This is my first project for Instructables and I am very satisfied with the result.

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If you try to do it and if you have any questions, I will be very happy to help :)

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2 years ago

I really like the video. Liked the CAD/CNC design coverage. Obviously you were going for a semi-finished, homemade look, which is also my style. I like to mix electronics with semi rustic wood theme. You hit it with your project. Nice job


Reply 2 years ago

Thank you very much for the comment! This is really my style and I want to create more things to share.


2 years ago

Simple and so gorgeous! Nice work :)


Reply 2 years ago

That was the main idea, to be simple. thanks for the comment! :)