Wood Drawing



Introduction: Wood Drawing

This instructable will show you how to draw pictures on wood and hang in up on your walls as an art piece or give it to your friend as a birthday present.



  • Pallet wood. (As soft as you can get)
  • Pen and whiteboard or permanent marker.
  • Glue stick, like the one you use for pasting paper in a book.
  • Printer( It would be advised to have ink as well)
  • Knife.
  • Paintbrush.
  • Varnish or wood stainer. (A type with a golden color)
  • Scissors.

Step 1: Preping:

Cut out a piece of pallet wood. The size depends on how large your foto should be.

Search for the picture you want to draw and print it. The size of your print depends on how big you want your wood drawing to be. Also, remember the size of the wood piece, so that you foto fits perfect.

Take your scissors and cut out the picture so that it fits on your piece of wood.

paste the foto on the piece of wood with your glue stick.

Step 2: Making the Dotted Scetch.

    Take your knife and make dots in the wood over the outlines of the entire picture.

    Take you knife and remove the picture after the dots are made in the wood.

    Step 3: Drawing the Picture.

    Fist take your pen and colour in the outer lines, through connecting the dots like in a children's colouring book.

    Now do al the inner lines you wish to make the scetch with til you have a nice picture.

    After that, you can use the whiteboard or permanent marker to make your final details and like I did above use it to colour in darker stuff like the horns of the buck.

    Make the drawing complete with background and if you want you can put a name on the piece of wood as well, like the john deere sign above.

    Step 4: Make It Perfect.

    Paint the wood with your paintbrush and wood stainer or varnish, and the color will just pop out. Lay your piece of wood in the sun to dry and then you have your finished product. The wood stainer/varnish also helps to prevent the ink from disappearing.

    There you have a piece of art made in 4 easy steps.

    Hope you enjoy making a homemade masterpiece.


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