Introduction: Wood Flute

This Wooden Flute is awesome for decoration and great for practicing your whittling skills!

Step 1: Parts/Tools

Stick (Douglas Fir looks the best)
Whittling Knife (I used a roughing knife[$20, Amazon])

Step 2: Whittling the Wood

Get your whittling knife out and start whittling the bark off of the stick (if you only do the first layer it gives it a cool effect). Then start whittling the "flute holes" as I mentioned in the mini guitar (below). To do that, you need to cut a line in the stick, cut up to it, cut on the line, cut up to it, etc. Whittle the "flute holes" about 1/4-1/2 the width of the stick. You can also add and additional one for the thumb in between the first and second hole. To make a mouthpiece, just cut at a 45-degree angle till you have it as deep as you want.

Step 3: Finished!

Yay! Now you have reviewed some simple whittling skills that should get you prepared for my other instructable, the mini guitar!