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Here is my proposal for an Iphone Dock, made out of a 2 by 3 wood stud.
As you can see in the main picture, it handles Iphone 3G or 4.

Steps are pretty simple, and only require basic tools.
I put it into the craftsman challenge to illustrate what my nickname stands for : Scrap is valuable !! This dock did not cost anything except less than an hour of my time, electricity and tools that I had already.

I used a saw, a sanding machine and a drill with three sizes of drill bits.
Let's go through the details. 

Step 1: Tools and Materials Needed

You will need 
- Drill
- Sanding Machine
- Saw

- 3 drill bits
(3/8, 1/4, 7/64)
- sand paper (!)

- Wood : 2 by 3 stud part

Step 2: Cutting Wood

Take the 2 by 3, whatever its length, and cut it.
I cut an approximate 3 in width, such that I came up with a square based dock. 

Step 3: First Dock

Using the drill with the 1/4 bit, make a notch in the wood chunk.
Make sure Iphone fits into it.

Step 4: Hole Through Thickness

Using the 1/4 drill bit, make a hole going through your wood chunk.
The usb side of the ipod/iphone cable should go through it.

Step 5: An Another Back Notch

Using the smallest drill bit (7/64), make a notch underneath the wood dock.
You will be able to squeeze the cable in it, such that the dock can be put flat on a table

Step 6: Final Adjustments

Put your Iphone in, and voila.

I needed adjustments such that the usb plug could go through the dock, make the main notch a bit larger, such that my iphone 3G (thicker than the 4) could fit as well...

For the 30 min it required, i am pretty glad with what I came up with, as I did not want to spend the scandalous money Apple is asking for their slick white dock.

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    4 years ago

    I had to make something for a school project and this was it!


    5 years ago

    Thank you very much. I used this design with an old piece of dead tree trunk, for an iPhone 5. I had to upgrade the drill bit size to fit the phone frame, everything else was per your instructions. Now I have an awesome DIY Valentine's Day gift to give!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Cool ! Very nice. Sleek and elegant. Am gonna make one for myself !


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    An idea to improve the design would be to add some weight to the dock... I would be interested if you can post some pics about what you came up with.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    WalScrap I think it is the coolest simplest dock design.. I was inspired to create this as well. I made mine about 4-5" long which seemed to add the cantilever type of balance. Here is the first dock I noticed then tried to mimic http://simonyuen.com/2011/06/02/wood-phone-stand/