Introduction: Wood Jewelry in a CNC

About: My name is Suso Caamanho. I like doing all sorts of stuff related to musical instruments, woodworking, computer science, electronics... On my website you will find more information, projects, plans, photos...

Made your own wood jewelry with wood remains from your workshop and a CNC. I use remains of woods like Ebony, Rosewood or Ash, used in guitar making, to recycle and because get a great result and Beauty. As music is my life, almost everything I do is related to it.

It,s a own design I developed over several years. Only need your wood remais, a CNC, oil and sand, attached drawings and plans for download in DXF extension.

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Step 1: Video and Instructions

Check this video to see the steps, it is very intuitive and easy. I made picks, violins, buttons or rings, I've also used motherpearl. The most important is a good sanding of all parts, it is most important for a good finishing, begins with 120 grit sandpaper and ends with 600, I use two coats of a homemade aromatic oil, and then I bought online the metal hardware...good luck!

Youtube Video