Introduction: Wood Laptop Stand for Desktop With Fans and Stuff

The idea is use a commercial laptop stand with fans, to build (easy-way) a exclusive stand for particular needs, like seat rightly front the computer.

Step 1: What We Need...

  1. Stand with Fan(s)
  2. Wood sheet (12x32 inch) (30x80 cm)
  3. Tape measure
  4. Carpenter's square
  5. Pencil
  6. Jig/Saber saw
  7. Sanding machine
  8. Drill
  9. Screwdriver and screws

Step 2:

Use the carpenter's squad, the laptop stand, and your laptop to draw in the wood the shape of laptop stand's under side, like in the image.

After that, draw a little stop to strengthen the laptop stand, like in the image. Be creative to get done.

Then draw a limit to create space in the back to accommodate cables and ugly stuff.

To prevent that the stand looks invasive on the desktop, draw an arcs, this will help to look more spacious, and the girls will be crazy for you. Don't forget be creative.

Step 3: Cutting and Sanding

For precise cuts, use a thin saw for curved cuts

After cut your design, use this like stencil to draw in the wood sheet an equals, then cut it.

Then cut a square to create the separation between the cool side and ugly side.

Now use the sanding machine to leave all the wood sheets soften like baby's butt.


Step 4: Joining

Use the carpenter's squad to put rightly the square sheet perpendicularly to a side sheet, like in the picture. Then make a guides, this guides will support you to make the holes for screws.

After that, you work it out to make the screw's holes with the drill. Repeat the operation for the other side and join the three wood sheets.

Almost done. Put the laptop stand over the wood stand, and make signals to make other screw holes, do it in front and back. Then make the holes separately. Now you use that holes to make signals in the wood. Like the image. Do the holes and use screws to joint all together!

Now all is solid and perfect!

Finally (optional) make a hole for your cool stuff.

Step 5: Enjoy

Put the ugly stuff in the back side and hide it from the world!

Enjoy your "brand new–super cool" desktop!