Introduction: Wood Minecraft Jack O Lantern Candy Box Decoration

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I created a cardboard minecraft jack o lantern last year but, sadly it rained and got ruined
I decided to make a wood jack o lantern this year

Step 1: Materials

Tempera or a lyric paints (brown, orange, and black)

Acrylic sealer

Pine planks x5





Step 2: Steps for Making Box

2 planks must be 8"x9"
2 planks must be 7"x8"
1 plank must be 8"x8"
Assemble the box with 2 same sized planks on both sides and the same sized on the other side
Place the smallest size plank on the inside of the bottom of the box
Drill holes on each side of the angle so the whole box is connected and secure
Hammer nails after you drilled holes

Step 3: Painting the Box

Paint the box orange on all sides
Mix some brown and orange paint
You can use masking tape for some smooth crisp lines or paint lines by hand
Start painting the face of the minecraft jack o lantern
I painted it free hand because when I used masking tape, it got some paint off
Paint lines with the brown orange mixture and paint the face with black
Paint the other sides with lines
Finish off with acrylic sealer

Step 4: Results

This is a great decoration or candy box

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