Introduction: Wood Mudguard

Follow those step to make your own wood mudguards.

Step 1: Needed Tools and Supplies

  1. Wood veneer of 1.6 mm thick
  2. Slow-setting wood glue
  3. Aluminium rod (10 mm x 100 mm)
  4. Some screws and bolts
  5. Some wood board to make the matrix
  6. Jigsaw
  7. Sander
  8. Wood varnish
  9. Clamps

Step 2: Make the Matrix

Make the matrix by assembling wood board together.

Draw a line corresponding to the radius of you bike wheel

Cut the assembled board with a jigsaw following the radius.

Step 3: Glue Veneer and Put It in the Matrix

Mudguards are made with 3 ply of 1.6mm thick.

Cut 3 ply of 40mm width by 100mm long for one mudguard multiply by 2 for two mudguard

Apply wood glue 2 ply and stack it on the matrix

Put the second side of the matrix and clamp it with clamps.

Wait until the glue is dry

Step 4: Cut and Sand Mudguard to Fit on Your Bike

Cut sides of the mudguard to fit on you bike

Sand them

Step 5: Fabricate Fixation

Use aluminium rod to make mudguard fixations

Step 6: Adjust Fixation on Your Bike

Adjust fixation on you bike.

Drill hole in mudguard

Step 7: Varnish Mudguard to Make It Water Proof

Varnish both side of mudguard to make it water proof.

Step 8: Final Assembly

Assembly mudguard on you bike