Introduction: Wood Pallet Mini Bar

How to build a rustic wood pallet minibar in 7 easy steps.

Step 1: What You Will Need...




3 Wooden Pallets

Step 2: Counter and Back

1) Move wood around to make smooth top for table.

2) Cut Pallet in half.

3) Nail counter and back together flush.

Step 3: Legs

1) Disassemble other pallets.

2) Cut to same lengths.

3) Nail or screw legs and bracing together.

Step 4: Wine Glass Rack

1) Measure Distance.

2) Drill hole for diameter of wine glass stem

3) Use skill saw to cut a straight line on each side of hole for space to slide wine glass in.

Step 5: Wine Bottle Rack

1) Make jig for 1 1/4" drill bit on a 45 degree angle.

2) Measure space for 4 holes on one half of back.

3) Drill through using jig.

Step 6: Hangers

1) Use 3 spoons (Preferably Silver plated with a nice design).

2) Hammer spoons down flat.

3) Bend the 3 spoons around a wooden block for same shape.

4) Drill through spoons.

5) Measure and space for the 3 spoons.

6) Attach to back using screws.

Step 7: Sand

1) Sand down Table for nice smooth finish.

2) Remove and sharp burs or splinters.

(Optional: Keep stamps and marks of the pallets for unique rustic look)

Step 8: Finish

1) Use a clear coat or wood stain for a nice finish.