Introduction: Wood Rack From 2x4"

We had a lot of different wood leftovers in our garage from a building the house, so we decided to build a rack to store it for easy access for future projects. (And make room for our car) We also wanted it to be easy to remove or add plywood to get traditional shelves if needed. Easy and quick build, and you may have materials you need already.


30 m 2x4"

2 pallets (You could probably create a base with 2x4 instead)

90 mm screws


Saw (We used a miter saw, but you will be fine with a circular saw or hand saw as well)



Tapemeasure / folding rule

Step 1:

We started with two pallets. You can use more than two if you have room for it, or one for a smaller shelf.

Step 2:

Measure your hight and cut 8 2x4". (This one is 160 cm) Screw them to the pallet using 90mm screws. (3 screws on each) Use your level to make sure they are in correct position.

Step 3:

Add 4 horisontal 2x4s on top, and fasten the two in the middle to each other. This will stabilize and be the top shelf. We had a 2x8, so we used that instead between the two middle poles.

Step 4:

Measure the distance between the horisontal ones and add 2 in front as shown on the picture. You may want to add a few in the back as well for extra support.

Step 5:

Start filling it up! We sorted out all our wood and decided where to put it before we added the shelves, that made it easier to decide the amount and distance between them.

Step 6:


Fill up your new rack and go to to find your next woodworking project!