Wood Sheathed Flower Pot



Introduction: Wood Sheathed Flower Pot

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We've used large pots of flowers to the sides of our garage doors for years but when I saw this upgrade somewhere I decided to make one. The plastic pots had originally been a terra-cotta color but I had painted them a forest green. I should have repainted them black or dark brown before I started sheathing them in wood.


Large plastic flower pot

Boards (I used old weathered ones)

Table saw

Electric drill

Magnetic hex-drive bit

Hex screws (mine are 1/2" x #8 sheet metal screws)

Tape measure or ruler


Step 1: Preparation and Assembly

Paint your pot black or dark brown so the pot color won't be noticeable between the slats. If you plan to paint your slats, paint the pot the same color.

Measure your pot. Mine was 14" high, 48" in circumference at the top, and 38" at the base. 3" (or less) is a good width for the slats at the top. 48" circumference divided by 3" means I needed 16 slats. Since the bottom was only 38" around, 38" divided by 16 is 2-3/8", the width of the slats at the bottom. I had to taper each slat a total of 5/8" or 5/16" on each side.

I ripped my boards to 3" wide and cut them to 14" long. I marked each slat so I had a taper to remove 5/16" from each side and cut the taper on the table saw.

Align the first slat with the top of the pot, lay the pot and slat on a work bench and screw through the pot, from the inside, into the slat. Stand the pot up and adjust the slat so it is vertical. Carefully lay the pot down, making sure the slat doesn't move, and install another screw towards the bottom of the slat. Repeat with the rest of the slats. Make sure the top of the slats align with the top of the pot and that the slats are vertical and abut the previously attached slat. Don't worry if you end up with a few gaps. You may need to do some trimming so the last slat or two fit. Remember: this is a flower pot people will see from a distance, not fine furniture in your home. With all slats in place I suggest a third screw in the middle of each slat.

Apply some finish or paint if you want. Make more for yourself or for gardening friends.

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