Introduction: Wood Spirit Carving Tutorial I Easy Wood Carving Project for Your Quarantine

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Coronavirus 2019 caught us flat-footed.

Most of the countries are facing quarantine. My hubby and I are on total lockdown.

What we're doing now, we carve a lot.

We're happy to share with you the wood spirit we made out of wood recently. Hopefully, you'd love it.

Moreover, I'm hoping you stay safe.

Make sure to isolate yourself not to spread the virus (as it could be "invisible" in most cases) and not to get infected.

Social distancing and hobbies will help us to get through it.


So, what tools do you need for that:

We use BeaverCraft tools because they are durable and razor-sharp. Before you start, make sure to wrap your fingers with a safety tap.

Step 1: Do Some Mark Up

Cut the wooden blank following the lines using the detail knife. Draw a wood spirit hat and carve it all around using a Compact chisel

Step 2: Drawing Part

Draw a figure that you see in the pic on the top of the wooden blank and carve all around. Use the detail knife to remove the rest of the wood.

Step 3: Face Job

Draw the face and carve it using the whittling knife. Carve a drawn line around the figure as you see in the pic with the help of V- profile chisel. Remove the rest of the wood.

Step 4: Work It Out With the Knife

Add some shape to the wood spirit with the help of the detail knife. Carve the drawn line of the hat

Step 5: Eyes and Beard

Follow the lines to carve the eyes of a wood spirit. Carve a beard using the V- profile chisel

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Remove the rest of the wood using a knife. Finish carving eyes and eyebrows. Work on the beard using the V- profile chisel

Step 7: Wood Spirit Is Done

Overall it was fun to carve a wood spirit.

It helped a lot to relax a little and get out of the annoying thoughts.

Hope you enjoyed my Instructable.

Have fun carving your wood spirit and stay safe.

All the best to you and your loved ones.

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