Introduction: Wood Spirit

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Faux log carved wood spirit.


  1. PVC Pipes
  2. PVC Sheet
  3. Paper Mache
  4. All Purpose Adhesive
  5. Pencil
  6. Marker
  7. Hot Glue Gun
  8. Sandpaper
  9. White Cement
  10. Gloves
  11. Masking Tape
  12. Posters Colors(Brown, White, Black)
  13. Burnt Sienna (Optional, you can use blown poster color instead)
  14. Piece of Cloth
  15. Lacquer (to preserve the colors from moisture)
  16. Beige color oil paint

Tools: Saw, Scissor, Fork, Brush

Step 1: Face Making

  1. Take the PVC pipe and cut diagonal from top.
  2. Put the diagonal side of PVC sheet and mark with marker.
  3. Cut the sheet glue at corners and stick on pipe.
  4. Draw the face on pipe with pencil.
  5. Trace with marker.
  6. Stick paper mache on drawn face.
  7. Use fork to make pattern on mustache and beard.
  8. Use fork back (handle) to plain nose,cheeks, etc.
  9. Allow it to dry on sunshine.

Step 2: Bark Texture

  1. Split the pipe into half.
  2. Put the half part on big pipe and put hot glue on sides.
  3. Cut the extra pipe.
  4. Cover the whole pipe except face.
  5. Mix white cement and water in a bowl to make thick paste.
  6. Rub coarse grit sandpaper on pipe to make it rough.So when cement dries up, cement does not leave the pipe.
  7. Apply cement paste on pipes and make bark like texture by small round brush back side.(toothpick or anything could be use for that).
  8. Be careful, wet cement can cause skin burns. Must use gloves.
  9. Let it dry for a day.
  10. Cover the face part with paper and masking tape.

Step 3: Colors

  1. Apply burnt sienna or brown poster paints on all surface except the masked area.
  2. Then take a piece of cloth make it wet in water and rub on surface (don't rub it on deep area of bark).
  3. Wait for dry (30 minutes).
  4. Mix white (80%) and black(20%) poster paints to make gray color and apply of surface slightly.
  5. Then mix brown color in it and again apply on surface.
  6. Apply spray can clear lacquer.
  7. Remove the paper and masking tape.
  8. Paint the face with beige color paint.

Thanks for Watching.

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