Wood Staining Using Tea & Coffee



Introduction: Wood Staining Using Tea & Coffee

Wood Staining can be done in many ways. But I wanted to stain the wood using common things. And I Stained Wood using Tea & Coffee. I had a sketching board lying in my house, it was little dull and old. So I decided to make it different. But I didn't go wanted through the complexity of applying wood stain. So this my simple, easy technique to stain wood.

Step 1: Sanding the Wood

Sand the wood before staining to make an even flat surface. I used to 100 Grit sandpaper and finished sanding with 220 Grit sandpaper.

Step 2: Making Natural Lacquer

Making the Lacquer is pretty easy. First, boil water as much the lacquer you want to make.Then add some coffee, tea powder, and mix. And boil the mixture again and let it cool off. There no fixed proportion to add the tea and coffee but add according to your wood & to your liking. If the Lacquer is less concentrated, just add little more coffee and tea. I would recommend applying the mix on a test wood to check the results before applying to your project. You will get a different look on applying the same mixture will be on different woods.

Step 3: Staining Wood

Now take up a brush or cloth and apply the lacquer horizontally or vertically. Just make sure that you apply evenly. After the first coat is over, wait some time and again apply a second coat in the same way. You can do a final third coat if you want.

Step 4: Applying Clear Coat

Now, this is the final step. Clear Gloss /Clear Coat is necessary to make the finish intact and get shine. You have to apply the Clear Coat before the Lacquer completely dries off but also need to make sure that the lacquer isn't dripping. Apply 3-4 coats. Wait for few minutes between the coats and apply light coats. After it's done let it dry overnight.

And that's it. You will get better results with a Wood-Stain but I wanted to do in a simple and in an easy way. It's been a year since I have stained but still it's intact and great.

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