Introduction: Wood Stump Stool

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If you want to create wonderful place in your garden for relax and fun but you don't want to spend a lot of money or even any money for it, this tutorial is perfect for you ;-).

I will show you how to create wood stump stool for almost free.

It will be also very durable as you can see on photo :-)

Step 1: You Need:


tree stump

stick for legs

glue for wood ( optional)



cylindrical drill bit for wood

Step 2: Importent Note

Diameter of the drill bit must be similar to the diameter of the future legs for stool,

thanks that you will be able to hammer it

Step 3: How to Make Holes for Future Legs?

The most importent thing is that wood stump must be dry

Optional: with the help of spokeshave rip off the bark

with the help of ruler measure the distance between the legs and mark it with marker

drill the holes for legs from the outside at an angle (look foto nr. 5 )

Step 4: How to Install Legs to Stool ?

with the help of ruler mete the length of future legs

and cut 4 pieces

put glue for wood to the holes and install legs

Step 5: Last Steps

Now you can polish it with sandpaper, apply wood stain and varnish.

Step 6: Before and After

There was a tree stump and now is wood stump stool.

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