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1st id like to say, this is my 1st listing. i have made a few projects that ive seen on here and figured i should share. so here ya go, just an average wood wooking hobbiest here, not professional, nor am i a great speller, punchuator. lol prob not spelled right

Step 1: Cutting From Slab Wood, Same As I Do All My Projects

this is a design i sketched up and changed as i went.

Step 2: Cut the Body Out of ? I Really Dont Even Know

i cut each body 6"x4" . on the ends i made a 15°angle cut i hope you can see, and the sides i went up about an inch and cut a 15°angle as well.

Step 3: Tops "gunner"

on this step, i cut the top 3"x4" with the same 15°angle as the bottom all sides. a router table was a great project i made a month ago. anyway

Step 4: Ataching Top (gunner) to Body

here took some thinking and im sure someone will have a better design than mine but here ya go. i cut a 1/2 hole in the top in the center, about 3/4" in. then same in the body but about 1 3/4" down. then i took a washer that fit the 1/2 dowel x 2 1/2 ". Glued in the top and it pivits in the bottom as you see in the pic

Step 5: Finish and Wheels

the wheels are just 1 1/2 " bought from local craft store, with the pegs. measuring this was hard to get the same. i took a long (piano hinge) no pic sorry and laid it flat on bottom and the other end up like an L shape if you get the idea. i glued in the peg and wheel turns free. I used boiled linn seed oil, and bulls eye shalack again not spelled right im sure.

Step 6: Finished

and here are my final pics, have 3 more ready togo. i will be adding a small peice to the top of the gunner for a hatch just for looks not operational. hope someone can use as i am finding things to make everyday. let me know what ya think please and thank you for looking

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    Lucas Goecke
    Lucas Goecke

    5 years ago

    I am also making one for class but bigger


    6 years ago

    These are cool! I love simple wooden toys like this, very nice work.

    Congrats on sharing your first instructable, too. Hope we see many more :)


    Reply 6 years ago

    thank you, and i do plan on sharing especially if i dont see a plan on here that i am doing. and this is my last pick added the top looks better IMO and thanks for commenting