Wood Truck Box

Introduction: Wood Truck Box

Listed below are bullet point steps for

crafting this truck box. Note that while this is a beginner level project, and one can easily learn basic woodworking making this build, it is written assuming you already know at least basics of the craft. I recommend researching the basics of tools, measuring and cutting, etc. before continuing on to the build. (note: sorry for the seeming random mathematics on the print/cut list pictured. I used this for a math course in college)

  • Generate cut list. I have included mine (though I modified the choice of 2x lumber). Feel free to modify your details, though adjust your numbers accordingly
  • Purchase appropriate materials. This includes lumber, hardware, any accessories. I used 2x3's, 1/4” plywood, and various screws. Any appropriate hinges and latch system you prefer will work fine
  • Gather all materials, tools, and plans, and lay out work in adequate work space. I used my spouse's truck bed, you may be in a shop or a work yard.
  • Measure and mark and preferably label all cuts. Proceed to cut individual parts. Measure twice, cut once!!
  • Assemble the frame. I assembled the bottom and top frames first, then joined them with the sides.
  • Apply the sheeting. Try to get an even and solid spacing.
  • Mount the lid via the hinges, and attach the latch system.
  • Well done! You've built it! I recommend sealing along the interior frame with spray on rubber, and possibly painting to further weatherproof it.

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    6 years ago

    This is a great truck box. My husband definitely needs one of these!