Introduction: Wood Vending Machine

We will make a wood vending machine

Step 1: Materials

You need one 1x1 of plywood
Two 2x4
One 1x1 of plastic ( optional )
3 pieces of any fun sized candy

Step 2: Cutting the Wood

We cut the 1x1 into 4 even piecis and have about half a block left. Cut the 2x4 almost in half and leave 5 inches left

Step 3: Setting It Up

Take one of the 1x1's and drill it into one of the 2x4. The 2x4 will act as the bottom and the top of the vending machine. After that glue a second wood 1x1 on top of the first one. Repeat on other side

Step 4: Setting Up the Slant

You should have a half of a block of the 1x1 left and should have 5 inches of the 2x4 left. Take the 2x4 you have left and tape it to your arduino.

Step 5: Paint

You can paint what ever you like ant colour

Step 6: Setting Up Arduino

We chiseled out a hole in the back and also a hole in the slant. We took the part that you put the wires in and slid it through the 2 slants