Introduction: Wood and Nail String Project

This project, is a nail and string art project.

Note: The steps in this are specific to the version created in here, colors and designs can be changed via personal preference.

Here is a Spreadsheet Containing Budget Information and Time Information:


- Wood Board
- Hammer
- Saw/Cutting Tool
- Colored Paint or Stain
- Nails
- Colored String/Embroidery Floss
- Printed Shape for nail design

Optional Materials:
- Paper Plate to add dry brushing
- Secondary paint color for white washing

Step 1: Measuring and Cutting Board

For this step you will need a board, tape measure, and a saw. You will start by measuring the board to the dimensions 8" by 11". Once you measure this correctly mark it and cut on the marks.

Step 2: Base Coat

In this specific version we will be doing a white base coat since we will be dry brushing in the next steps. You will need a paint brush and white paint in order to do this step. Dip the tip of the brush into the paint and paint the whole board white until it is completely covered.

Step 3: Dry Brushing

After you let the base coat dry you for around 30-45 minutes you will begin dry brushing. Please note this step is completely optional. To dry brush you will need a paper plate, paint brush, and paint. You will put a small amount of paint on the paper plate and put almost no paint onto your brush and begin painting. This mostly consists of a dry brush. Let this dry for 15-30 minutes before continuing to the next step.

Step 4: Placing Nails in Design Formation

For this step you will need nails, a hammer, and a design outline. Be sure your dry brushing is finished drying before beginning this step. You will begin by placing the outline on the board to your liking once you complete that you will begin hammering nails into the outline until the outline is complete.

Step 5: Ripping Paper Off

After the nails are in the correct formation directed by the outline, you will rip the outline off. Simply grab the ends and proceed to peel until the paper is gone.

Step 6: Stringing String

Once your outline is finished you will start to string the string around nails. For this step you will need a scissors and colored string. You will begin to string around the nail outline and then in between the nails (filling in) creating a realistic pattern to make the design more realistic. It takes a decent amount of time but expirementing is key! Once you are satisfied you will create a TIGHT knot and cut the excess string. Your project should then be completed.

Have fun crafting!