Introduction: Wood Diy Bird House

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This bird house was made out of a long piece of six inch wood 1 inch thick. Theres a main piece that is that back. Two sides, a front, top and bottom piece. The side pieces will have an angle cut but that is easy to do. I used finishing naills sto surcuse it. I sanded and stained mine. Also added screw holes to connect it to a tree. It only screws inot the bark so you do not dammage the tree. On the front piece you will need to drill a hole for the birds to go in.I cut the wood with a jig saw a hand saw would work too.

Make your own

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

jig saw / hand saw


speed square






sand paper

Step 2: Measureing Cutitng Wood

Since I had long piece of 6 inch wood i used that as my base width for the bird house.

Start with cutting a piece 15 inches long by your 6 inch piece of width.

This will be back of the birds house and main piece. (15 x 6 )

Then cut the bottom piece to make it simple cut this (6 x 6 inches)

Then cut the front piece this will also be 6 x 6 inches. Also cut a circle hole in the center of this piece for the birds to fly into.

Now cut the side pieces. You can make one and then trace it and cut the second. The side pieces will be at a slight angle so that when finished snow and rain and slide off the bird house. These will 6 inches wide also. Then To be flush with front one length will be 6 inches. Make a mark at 6 inches. Then across from the 6 inch make a mark at 7 inches. connect these to marks will give you and angled line to cut on. Trace and then cut the other side.

Lastly you need to cut the top piece. This will also have a slight angle cut on it. To make this I took the back piece and one of side pieces and laid them flush in place. I put the piece of wood i used for the top and made a line flush with the back and side piece. I marked a line at the angle and then cut that. also making a mark for the length covering the front piece too.

Step 3: Sanding, Hammering, Staining

After you have your pieces cut you will want to sand them. Start with sanding the edges were you made your cuts making them as flat as possible. Also I sanded the face surfaces because it makes it look nicer and makes it so that if your stain it will help the stain go on better.

Once you have it sanded it's time to nail it together. I used finishing nails to surcure it. I started with nailing the sides and bottom. I placed where the sides and bottom where going to be and turned the bird house over nailed these pieces in from the back. Make sure there in the correct place before nailing.

Then I turned it back over and nailed on the front piece with the hole already cut out. I used four nails for this, one in each corner.

The last thing i nailed was the top piece down into the side and front piece.

Now all you have left to do is stain it and hanging it.