Wood Joinery Stool(kumiki Stool)

Introduction: Wood Joinery Stool(kumiki Stool)

Wood joinery stool (kumiki stool
for TenkaizuBudoukai

Material:MDF2.5mm 1820×910mm 2sheets(300×450×2.5mm  20sheets)
SIze : D278 × W185 × H228

1:Cut the PDF data using a laser cutting machine.

stool_01.pdf ×2sheets  (for box parts)
stool_02.pdf ×1sheets  (for box parts)
stool_03.pdf ×1sheets  (for box parts)
stool_ashi.pdf ×12sheets  (for leg parts)
stool_co.pdf ×3sheets  (for co-parts)

2:Assemble the box body part in numerical order.(Please look at tejun.pdf)

3:Output a 3D printer each data.

tomegu ×4
tomegu_co  ×2
stool_3D_top  ×2
stool_3D_bottom  ×2
stool_3D_right  ×2
stool_3D_left  ×2

4:Assemble MDF parts and 3D printing parts the hole.


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