Introduction: Wood Lighting

Wood lighting

Step 1: What Kind of Tools Do You Need?


One piece wood which has 40 cm length. ( apple tree )

· One piece Plexy tube which has 30 cm length and 4 cm width.

· Glue for wood.

· Cellulose based varnish

· One piece brush which is 5 cm

· Led light emitting diod which is 200 cm ( yellow )

· Led light emitting diod setting adaptor

· Workplace tools.

o Blade of a band saw

o Hammer

o Nail

o Driller

o Sanding machine

Step 2: How to Begin?

Wooden is sliced by blade of s band saw with 2 cm length.

Step 3:

After that, all slices’ center point is cut by driller.

Step 4:

Slices, which are cut from center point, are rubbed with emery to have rubbed surface.

Step 5:

Glue for wood is applied to prevent fracture and waited to dry for a day.

Step 6: Japanning to Wooden Slices

Wooden slices are varnishing with the brush and after that wooden slices are dried. This process is done 2 or 3 times.

Step 7: Plexy Tube Grinding

Plexy tube is cut by blade of a band saw and it has 40 cm length. After that plexy tube has matt surface with machine

Step 8: Final Step

All slices are positioned on the plexy tube according to layout. ( There is no need to any glue. Dry wood is tighten up and prevent to move. ) After, led light emitting diod, which is 200 cm, is placed into tube and illumination is done.

Step 9: Final Illumination