Introduction: Woodburning in Viking Runes

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SO this is a project I like to work on and i figured hey might as well teach some people to do this as well.


Rune script alphabet

Quote or what you want to write

Woodburn with a fine tip bit

Sandpaper for this i used 80 grit then finished with 200 grit.

Will Also need a pencil

Step 1: Sanding a Board

First select a board. I just use scrap wood in my shop. Then use the 80 grit sandpaper and sand the board, Go with the grain, do this for about five minutes then switch to the 200 grit Continue sanding the board with the grain. After about fifteen minutes Feel your board it should feel like a well polished marble after this, if not redo with 80 for ten minutes then go to using 200 again for 15 more minutes, When done move to step 2.

Step 2: Figuring Out What to Rune to Use.

So this step is key. Figure out what to write,This can be anything that you want from a favorite quote to a Bible verse, when you have this selected use one of the rune codex for the script alphabet then spell out what you want to have woodburned.

Step 3: Burn Your Design

So before the actual burning use a pencil to mark the runes onto your board. Then grab your woodburner and then slowly begin do this carefully, Again I recommend using a fine tip bit, as to not mess up and (rune) your project. If you need to watch how to do this i recommend this video It is extremely helpful. So after your done put on your coffee table or a windowsill. Hope you have as much fun doing this as i do. Also use WWW.VikingRune.Com for a full rune alphabet. here is the video link HAVE FUN

Step 4: HAVE FUN

More often then not we stress out about this sort of stuff relax take a deep breath and have fun